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Recreational diving and Rebreathers, hopefully all you’ve ever wanted to know

Please take note: Prices are only indications and may differ with currency fluctuations. All units are in production and readily available Training has to be complete before ownership will be transferred. Additional Technical training is needed to buy and dive the technical upgraded units. Rebreather diving is NOT just “the next step” – people have, […]
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Tips for wanabe techies…

So you want to start Tek diving and don’t know where to start…or what to do…or how to go about it…3 easy steps.   Step one: have access to funds, lots of funds..Tek is expensive, good gear is expensive (and no, you cannot use that reg you bought on “special”) and good training is expensive, […]
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This was written two years after Dave Shaw's death on 8 January 2005,  and published in the South African Divestyle magazine. The poem at the end was written by my mother at the time of Dave Shaw’s death. The morning sun burst on the scene like a naughty child, running from tree to tree to […]
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Diving the E-19 Wrecks

Wreck diving has always had a strange attraction to me, sometimes the stark lines and foreboding dark places that become friendly and open with the help of your torch , other times the serenity of an older wreck, the peace and quiet that surrounds the final resting place of something great that once gracefully sailed […]
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Our World?

On 14 October 2012 the virtual world came to a standstill – a man jumps from 39 km’s above the earth surface and freefalls twittering to fame in less than 10 minutes. The world is in awe at this accomplishment as Felix Baumgartner breaks the 52 year old record of 31 km set by Joe […]
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