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Cavern Diver :: The PADI Cavern Diver Course

The PADI Cavern Diver Course

COURSE PRICE & DURATION: 150AUD / 2 Days PREREQUISITES: Open Water Scuba Diver Certification AOW Scuba Diver Certification Minimum 50 logged Dives COURSE CONTENTS: Classroom Lectures and Critiques Land Drills Open Water Drills Minimum of 3 dives Exam EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Recommended Equipment RECOMMENDED TEXTS: PADI Cavern Diving Manual Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving LINKS: Medical questionnaire (pdf)

The Darkness Beckons…never a truer title for a book on cave diving. For those prepared to accept the risk a wonderful world awaits. Adrenaline plays no part in this, peace, serenity and beauty does. Seeing underwater cave systems that very few ever lay eyes on is a reward only a Cave Diver will know.
A Tough training regime, building confidence in your own abilities, your equipment, your drills, will ensure that you have the skills to take on this demanding and potentially lethal activity.

What You Learn

This is a challenging and very exciting course that includes four training dives over at least two days. During your first open water dive you'll practice line handling, reel use and emergency procedures without entering a cavern. But, for your next three dives, you're headed into the cavern, staying within the light zone and 40 metres/130 feet total distance from the surface. You learn about:

  • Cavern navigation and line protocols
  • Planning, organization, techniques, problems and hazards of cavern diving
  • Special equipment use, such as lights, guidelines, reels and redundant breathing systems
  • Air sharing, disorientation, silting, line problems and other emergency procedures specific to cavern diving
  • Silt prevention, buoyancy control, air management and emergency procedures
  • Depth and distant limits for cavern diving
Your Next Adventure

The Peak Performance Buoyancy course will help you perfect your buoyancy skills for cavern diving. Many cavern and cave divers are also Enriched Air Nitrox certified so that they can enjoy more time exploring underwater. If you love cavern diving you may be interested in the Discover Tec Diving experience, which lets you try out basic technical diving equipment and skills to help you see if you want to learn more about going beyond recreational diving limits.

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