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ADD ON DAHAB Scuba Dive Dahab

Add on Dahab

Spend another 5 days in Egypt - in the vibey little town of Dahab!

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Option 1: Sinbad Camp

Sinbad Camp Dahab

Sinbad Camp is the traditional and authentic Dahab experience!

If you’re looking for a good time relaxing on the seafront in a nice Bedouin camp atmosphere and you don’t mind small, clean and simple rooms as accommodation.

Stay with us, we have the biggest swimming pool right in front of us, it’s called the Red Sea, and contains some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth.

Our location is right on the beach...

With a view across the Gulf of Aqaba to Saudi Arabia clearly visible on the horizon.

There is almost always a cooling breeze blowing each day to ward off the heat from the glowing Sun.

Situated on the North side of the bay of Dahab, near the Light House, this is where the high street business stops, and the quietness and relaxation start.

We have a camp restaurant that is open from early in the morning till the early evening. It is not Haute Cuisine, but very tasty and we serve the best coffee in Dahab.

We also have two areas designed for your total relaxation, one being a Bedouin Arisha with sunken flooring that is fantastic for meeting other people staying at the camp and for entertaining friend’s during the day or into the evening.

Sinbad Camp Dahab

The other area includes hammocks and seating, great for kicking back and reading a book or two or listening to your favorite music while soaking up the blissful atmosphere that Sindbad Camp and Dahab has to offer you.

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Option 2: Dahab Hotel

Dahab Hotel

Dahab Hotel With a private beach in central Dahab, this hotel provides rooms with balconies overlooking the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba with the backdrop of the Saudi Arabian mountains. 

Dahab Hotel features an outdoor pool and a Bedouin-style lounge café.
All of Dahab Hotel’s rooms are air conditioned and equipped with a minibar. The private bathrooms are fitted with a shower.

Dahab Hotel

Hotel Dahab serves a daily breakfast with Egyptian bread, cheese and honey. For lunch and dinner, guests can enjoy Arabic and international meals.

dinner dahab

in Dahab Hotel There is a TV room with DVD player and Wi-Fi access is free in all the public areas. Guest can also work out in the on-site gym or join in a yoga session. Diving instructors and equipment are also available.

Dahab Hotel is a 5 minutes-walk to the Dahab Bay, and just over one hour’s drive from Sharm El Sheikh Airport. 

Diving Dahab

Dahab Reefs 

  • Bells to Blue Hole 

Blue hole

One of the premier dives sites here in Dahab is the Bells, a spectacular wall dive of amazing beauty. The Bells is a large vein of rock that has eroded out leaving a deep gash in the reef that drops to 45 meters formed where a deep groove cuts into the reef top just north of the Blue Hole. The groove of the Bells breaches the reef table, and a clear blue pool is formed; this is where the dive is started. As you drop through this pool, you will emerge on the reef wall at about 12 meters. The groove disappears to re-emerge deeper at 28 meters. The open water here is some of the clearest, deepest blue you will see. The wall itself descends down into the blue to over 200m which only adds to the anticipation experienced when emerging through the chimney. It is vertical and in parts overhanging, with a rich growth of black corals and sea fans.

The dive ends as you cross over a shallow saddle into the blue hole.

  • Dahab Canyon 

The Dahab Canyon is the classic canyon, an essential dive for all fanatics of caves and cavern diving. The Canyon is itself quite a phenomenon. Up to 10 meters high and virtually closed over at the top, it snakes its way up from the depths, to emerge in a large glassfish filled coral dome. The Canyon dive site offers an easy entry and exit point through a shallow, sandy lagoon. This leads out to beautiful coral gardens inhabited by Butterfly fishes, Unicorn fishes, Octopus, Puffer fish and of course Red Sea Anthias, which can only be fully explored after several visits. The Canyon itself is positioned about five minutes north-east from the exit of the lagoon. The entry to the Canyon is done through it largest point at about 20 meters. The progression through the Canyon is easy and the light effect caused by the sun rays is fantastic.


  • Coral Gardens

is located next to the Canyon with the same entry and exit. Instead of heading north as you exit the lagoon you will go south towards this beautiful, rounded wall. You will make your way south along the wall with the clear blue water to one side where you may see one of our large Napoleon fish swims by. As you shallow up you will swim through a sandy maze with hard and soft corals. This site is great for underwater photography.

  • Eel garden

A truly spectacular site for coral, this site is very exposed and can only be dived on calm days. Entry is via a small winding lagoon that leads out onto a vast sand bank which is covered in garden eels. As we cross the sand bank the eels retreat into their holes and pop back up again behind us. As we come back along the reef edge, you’ll see some of the brightest and most colorful coral in Dahab.

  • Lighthouse 

Situated at the Northern end of the bay of Dahab, is home to the confined water training area due to its large sandy slopes and gentle drop off. The Lighthouse offers a number of different dives depending on the route chosen, and the sprawling coral gardens offer an abundance of marine life and vividly colorful corals, extending far from the shore. The Lighthouse is made up of a large rocky wall that wraps around the point whilst heading north to the Eel Garden. The wall and the sprawling coral gardens, which extend far from the shore, offer varying depth ranges down to 60M plus making it suitable for all. Larger aquatic creatures, alongside a spectacular variety of corals, make it a very popular dive site. The Lighthouse is perfect for beginners, this easy to enter site still has a fantastic range of coral and fish life and also makes an ideal first technical dive in Dahab to brush up on buoyancy and equipment configuration.


  • Islands 

This site is a favorite among guides and guests alike. A coral maze which truly shows the Red Sea coral at its best. Three giant pinnacles have grown together over the ages to create a playground of valleys and lagoons full of every reef fish you can imagine. One of the lagoons is home to thousands of juvenile barracuda, with trevally and large snapper always in attendance guarding their larder! An earthquake 10 years ago collapsed huge sections of the reef exposing holes and cracks that are rapidly filling up with renewed coral growth. This dive site never disappoints and as one of the shallower dives it is accessible to all certification levels.

  • Um Sid 

One of the sites in the Southern Oasis and is a dive guide favorite. The reef here juts out quite a way and drops down to a sandy slope covered in Garden Eels, the best dive is to enter on the right-hand side of the reef and keep the reef to your left shoulder, looking out for blue spotted rays, Nudibranchs and don’t forget to look out into the blue for eagle rays!

Dates & Prices

  • Transfers
  • 5 nights' accommodation Sinbad Camp (Dahab) or Dahab Hotel
  • 4 Dives
  • Conservation fees
  • Meals & Beverages in Dahab
  • Staff Gratuities
  • Diving Equipment rental
  • Enriched Air (Nitrox)